Numbers down a bit due to the Easter break and a clash with another unrelated event, but as has been reported many times over the years, these are the best nights, particularly for the dancers and the anoraks lol.  Reaction to the revised format of 4 x DJs rotating through 8 x 30 minute slots is all positive so that will continue.  Samples from each set as follows.....

Steve Parker

Spyder Turner – I Can’t Make It Anymore – MGM

Mr Floods Party – Compared To What – Bulldog (UK)

Candy & The Kisses – The 81 – Cameo

Jay Birds – The Right Kind – Sue (UK)

Clydie King – Never Like This Before – Lizard

Volcanos – (It’s Against) The Laws Of Love – Arctic

Tony La Mar – In The Nick Of Time – Buddah

Inspirations – Touch Me, Kiss Me, Hold Me – Black Pearl

Martha & The Vandellas – Show Me The Way – Gordy

Percy Milem – Call On Me – Goldwax



Eddie Holman – Ready, Willing & Able – Soul Direction

Teddy Prendergrass – We Got Love – Shotgun

Frank Popp Ensemble – Breakaway – Expansion

Profiles – Take A Giant Step – Goldie

Skullsnaps – My Hang Up Is You – GSF

Ringleaders – Baby What Has Happened To Our Love – M-Pac

Jock Mitchell – Not A Chance In A Million – Impact

Bobby Hebb – Love Love Love – Philips

Posse – Evil – Janus

United Four – She's Putting You On – Harthon


Denny Johnson

Nolan Chance – Just Like The Weather – Constellation

Carl Spencer – Cover Girl – Rust

George Blackwell – Can’t Lose My Head – Smoke

Buster & Eddie – Can’t Be Still – Class

Maurice Williams – Being Without You – Deesu

Billy Prophet – What Can I Do – Sue

Tymes – Here She Comes – Parkway

Gospel Classics – More Love That’s What We Need – Chess

Tempos – (Countdown) Here I Come – Canterbury

Bob Brady & The Con Chords – More More More Of Your Love – Chariot

Paul Hannigan

Edward Hamilton – Call Me – Carrie

Imaginations – Strange Neighbourhood – Fraternity

Tommy Navarro – I Cried My Life Away – De-Jac

Ivory’s – Please Stay – Despenza

Lenis Guess – Just Ask Me – SPQR

Frankie Beverly & The Butlers – If That’s What You Wanted – Sassy

Larry Allen – Can’t We Talk It Over – Green Dolphin

Joe Jama – My Life – Optimum

Silhouettes – Not Me Baby – Goodway

Garland Green – Girl I Love You – Gamma


Your DJs will be, in no particular order...

Mike Longair

Disco Denny

Boyne Callanan

Nige Loveless


As usual, please let me know if you can't make your slots....